“Welcome back, it’s been a while”

I have not updated this for a while now so here goes:
I’ve been up to, well, all sorts really. Lets see, decorating, decorating and, oh yeh, decorating.
Almost finished the house now, only a few more days to go and then it’s back into exam mode to finish (read “start”) my MCSE. I can’t believe I reckoned I’d have four of the exams banged out by Xmas!!

Still have not set up my new server I bought three weeks ago!! Not like me at all. I’ve just bought a new RAID card for it though, but have yet to tell the wife!
I’m currently trying to update the web site with some the new pictures from Italy way back in August but there are four rolls to convert and write about so I reckon I’ll get bored before I finish.
Must get on now, so back soon.

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