Vacances en France

Well, what can i say, we’ve had four days touring France with the parents and we’ve covered many miles, no kilometres and seen many lovely sights.
In four days we’ve been to Fontainebleau, Villeneuve sur Yonne, Joigny, Auxerre, St Fargeau, Irancy and Sancerre (where they make gorgeous wines), and some lovely chateaus along the way.

We really need to move on now to new moorings, such as the ones in Auxerre underneath the Cathedral with the fantastic view of the old town.
Hopefully things will start to change soon that will allow that to happen, once of course we’ve made Amy M decent enough to “take out in public” so to speak. That’s not my opinion but my significant others’. My opinion is that it’s a damn boat and we can sail her when and were we want with or without beautiful paintwork!!

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