Three weeks to the move

It’s only three weeks now till we move now into our own place again. We move out of my parents, our half-way house, to our own place for the winter.

The house is not quite the same as being on the water but at least it’s heated properly!
It will be one hell of a week – Four days in France packing, driving back to the UK with the possessions and pets, then move into our house, then a wedding in the new forest – which I’m now supposed to be filming. Busy Busy

It looks like I should be able to get Amy M over in the next two months or so. The money is coming in well so I need to arrange to get the necessary work done on the propeller and shaft bearing

I was contacted by a sailing instructor today to take part in a week of sailing next week. This is good as I only contacted him last night as I need to get some more sea miles in my log book ready for the channel crossing with Amy M. Obviously I am too busy next week but I reckon to get some more opportunities in October, even though it will be a tad cooler by then!

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