St. Mammes to Moret-sur-Loing, all of a kilometre

After that crap sleep, we wandered blearily round the market and bought a few goods, especially proud of our dim-sum find.

We were convinced there was more to this place than a row of shops that a market occasionally visits but as we walked up roads asking for the “centre-ville”, people just pointed back to where we had come from! We could not even find a launderette. We were frankly expecting more of this town, but it seems to be just a junction in two rivers frequented by more barges than normal.

We were happy to cast off away from the “youth club” mooring and motored round to Moret-sur-loing, all of 1 kilometre, which is a beautiful village we visited previously in March with my parents.

We moored on the village pontoon which still has water but no power and wondered the 600 metres to town for a look around.

We returned to the boat and had our dim sum and simply relaxed for a few hours. I’ve not been able to do this for months as all I can remember is either working at home or on the boat! This bit I found quite hard.

We let the cat out but she seems to be happier on the boat, although she did take a trip to the wood in the evening. This is weird as the past two days she has been making fuss to get outside and now in the perfect place for a safe wander she is scared. At least she did return quickly after going out!

Finally, embarrassingly, we went to bed at 7;30 hopefully to catch up on the sleep we’ve missed for the past two nights

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