St. Mammes to Misy Sur Yonne

We set off fairly early from St Mammes and decided we’d stop at Montereau halte plaisance. Once tied up we received complaints from an ignorant behind us sharing his speed boat with five of his family members about having our engines running whilst mooring! There’s obviously a size issue with this guy.
We walked round the town to buy bread and nappies, but in an amazing display of summer closure, the only shop open was one bakery. Do they expect no-one to visit the town during the months of July or August! I just don’t understand

We trundled on after lunch through the winding river and up treacherous sloping locks to a town called Misy Sur Yonne. Here Peter knew of a couple of stop offs that were deep enough for us. One was a concrete mooring once used as a fuelling transfer point but now privately owned but he’d successfully managed to get permission to tie there before. The other was a more rickety affair with ample depth and fendering but questionable steelwork, but was owned by and old friend.
As we approached the second mooring we were whistled into the better spot by the owner and duly backed up and tied off to this decent mooring. He duly tried and succeeded in selling his organic vegetables to us, so in a sense gets a good mooring fee from this stop-off.

Peter helped me get two bikes off and myself and Cherie cycled into town and picked up some bread, nibbles and a nice bottle of wine for the evening.
We received news that my dad had finally managed to separate himself from his company so was retiring good and proper on Thursday, at last. Good news again this week.
We relaxed, listened to some classic soul music and retired about 11, a good but simple day on the river

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