Souppes sur loing to Nemours

We set off for a low cruise home today. Cherie was experiencing stomach pains today and as we had not been able to find a pharmacist open on a Sunday we stopped at Nemours to walk to the Hospital.
To cut a long story very short, as it was a long experience, it turned out to be constipation! As a bonus, the x-rays, blood tests and infusions she received were not charged for as in previous experiences these things cost a lot. Not that we’re not insured, you just have to pay up front and then loose your £100 excess afterwards.

As myself and Pete were waiting for Cherie’s return (or demise) a large barge crawled past us and moored behind. The reported that they had a mattress jammed in their propeller. Beats the shopping trolley most bargees experience in the UK.
Watched a film and went to bed as not much else to report today in contrast to yesterday

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