So much to say, so little time

Paris: That was a lovely weekend and a great precursor to the following two weeks. managed to get upgraded to a hotel at £300 per night
Migennes: A week in this town on the junction of the yonne river and the bourgoigne canal. Not a pretty place but it is where amy is. We are happy with our boat and start preparing her for the journey to the UK
The Maiden Voyage: We have two days cruising up to sens and start to encounter our first problems. I forget to check the gearbox oil and have to stop before it seizes! oops! buy some oil and carry on
Sens: we are so happy with sens and decide to stay and not bring her back to the uk after all.
The boat yard is great and the people here are lovely. my french is coming on a treat too!
The commute: So here i am, writing my entry on the eurostar living in france and working in london. such a change in two short weeks and hopefully a sign of things to come.

Things feel so different now

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