Should she stay or should she go?

What a difference 24 hours makes.

Yesterday I was adamant that we would keep Amy-M, today I’m not too sure.
I thought about it last night and I’m thinking that, even if I managed to get her moored in my back garden, with my current commitments (work, baby etc), I still would not get time to work on her.
So would it be in ‘her’ best interests to sell her to someone who could look after her and finish the job I started; i.e. breathing a new life into the old girl?

This is a very hard decision to make and I’m finding it quite upsetting accepting that this might be the best course of action
It’s the first boat I’ve bought and I feel a real attachment to her – she needs us!

On the flip side the money raised might cover the deposit on a boat much bigger if we were to go down that route.
What to do?

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