Sens to St. Mammes

After a brief breakfast we set off downstream to St Mammes. Keeping Jake amused whilst Peter was steering was an experience. He was especially touchy after his disturbed journey out to France. He found a goo spot to play on the saloon table with all his toys (pegs!) around him – till he fell off and he was demoted to the floor.

We moored up in St Mammes at a free mooring a short distance from the entrance which was a disused lock so an easy point to get on and off the boat.

After diner we visited a boat called Undaunted owned by an English guy who was sailing her to Canvey Island in Essex. Undaunted was a 59ft Naval Pinnace of the same design as my own boat which is why we stopped in.
Adrian told us stories of the break downs he’d experienced on the way up and even of a two day period where he had to pull his boat to the nearest town for repairs!
I sincerely wish him the best of luck as he will need it. I remember the feelings in the early days I had with my own boat which was in a similar state. The honeymoon period I suppose where no amount of problems will break your spirit.
I will be interested in catching up on Adrian’s travels when he gets to the UK.
We walked back under a very fiery sunset and were all tucked up by about 9:30

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