One week on

I’ve been commuting from France to London for a week now and it has had its ups and downs: The ups being getting home to France and the downs getting to London. (mmmmm… home to France that’s starting to sound good)

All the train journeys have been fine, then at the weekend when i try to use a Silverlink service, I find out is is closed for the weekend! My evening follows:

23:25 leave work arrive at Euston 5 minutes later to find trains have stopped

23:30 get on bus to Leighton Buzzard

01:25 Arrive at L/B, wait 25 minutes for taxi

02:00 Arrive home

07:50 Catch return bus to London

08:45 Bus breaks down at Watford, transfer to slow train to London

09:45 Give up, am beaten! Take taxi to final destination

I am really liking France – it is just so efficient.

Expect paperwork, expect everything to close for lunch at 12 prompt – but things work and run on time and don’t stop for leaves on the track.

Its the simple things in life that count.

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