New Year Update

Three months and no news!
Well we are now well ‘entrenched’ in every day housebound life; council tax, gas and water bills and all those things we struggled to escape two years ago but have to endure again.
We’re in a nice house in bedfordshire, plenty of space for our expanding family. Just a shame the heating broke down this week and we have moved out again!!

Amy M is still out in Cergy and we are hoping to get her back ion the next few months. She needs some work and money spent on her for journey back but we are hoping to get a mooring on the Thames. In this way I can still get to her to carry on the rebuild without too much effort.
We are also considering Diglis Basin in Worcester where she was converted after being decommissioned after the war.
This sort of represents her completing a full circle and returening to her base after 50 years in private hands. I’m still researching her history and this would be a good part of it. I’m hoping that they may still have records of her at the basin, but we’ll see!

Anyway, I’ll try to keep more upto date this year

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