Nemours to St. Mammes

After I’d run some errands in town picked up some pastries as is the tradition, we had breakfast and set off down the canal.
We visited some lovely villages, locks and houses that this time round were bathed in sunshine and looked much more impressive than when we passed them last week. We stopped for lunch at a lovely lock at Episy.

After lunch we continued to Moret Sur Loing to refuel. The practice here is to park above the automatic lock and take “Jerry” cans to the supermarket to fill up 20 litres at a time. We used our bikes and with 21 litres each managed 120 litres into the tank in about 20 minutes. This we paid ?1.10 per litre instead of about ?1.40 at the barge fuelling point.
We wandered back to the supermarket once more en masse and en foot to load our fridge for the next few days.
We moved down to the free lock mooring at St. Mammes we stayed at previously and walked into town to explore more. I expressed my worry that it was about to rain, but we carried on.
The fair had turned up in town as this weekend is their fete and “Son & Lumiere”, fireworks and music basically.
Naturally we got totally pissed on as it rained like a monsoon. We sheltered a while under the public moorings and I amused Jake by placing his hands under a torrent of water running through holes in the roof, the simple things in life! Naturally we could not sit around for hours and eventually faced the fact that we were going to get wet at one point s we best get on with it and walk to the boat. There were lovely little floods in places around the boat where we’d left windows open. Uncle Peter loved that

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