Nemours to Cepoy

Friday morning Peter had to change oil filters and I took the opportunity to visit the Post Office and send some postcards to people, you know who you are!
We set off out of Nemours making our way south at a leisurely 9km per hour.
One little argument ensued at a lock operated by an idiot on school leave more interested in his gameboy than his job!
Overall the canal was simply getting more beautiful as we went along and the locks were all individually decorated.
One was like an American outpost with flag pole adorned with European flags and a big star and stripes and operated by one big bearded man with one BIG dog. I spent the time wondering where he’d hid his Harley, although he was French it seemed.
At a town called Sucrerie (sugar town in French) was a huge sugar refinery apparently. To me it looked more like a discrete atomic research lab which it’s huge orb like sugar store. There was a new halte plaisance (quay) here with power and water and no charges but I was not tempted.
At a lock at Soup Sur Loing we encountered a problem with the gearbox on the port engine not engaging reverse. Easy to deal with but still a worry for Pete. Something we’d have to deal with tomorrow morning as there was no going into the engine room this evening.
We came to our eventual mooring at Cepoy outside Montargis and tied up along a long quay with power and plenty of Canadian Geese to entertain, clean up scraps and crap everywhere.
With a lot of time on our hands this night were able to watch a DVD called “The Big Lebowski”. This Coen brothers film I’d seen a long time ago but was hilarious this time around aswell.

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