Moret-sur-Loing to Fontainebleau

As predicted, Monday was spent mostly relaxing. We went for a walk though to find a vetinarian for Whiskas as she had a “fuzzy” eye. Whilst out we had to go and scout out some wood as the selection we had shipped at Sens was going very low. I had to walk three logs back to the boat through town!

We left Moret-sur-Loing on Tuesday morning to drive round to St Mammes to plug in, sand the deck, shower and pick up our vignette (our license to drive on the waterways). They council had switched off the supply after the market so we had no power so there was nothing for us here except our vignette, so we picked up the vignette and left this place for dust.

Strangely, Whiskas eye had sorted itself out so no worries of having to find

vets to deal with her.

We stopped after a couple of hours we stopped at a port in Fontainebleau where we managed to get a nights mooring, power, water and showers for €10 for one night, €5 thereafter! Pure bargain.

We went out to gather more wood which seems to becoming an important preoccupation now that we have only a days supply left. After a walk through the wood of Fontainebleau, we returned with a couple of bags worth, enough till tommorrow night!

We scrubbed up in the showers and found a lovely little restaurant for the evening. I must remember not to have coffee after food as I was awake till three again!!

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