Friggin’ Frogs

You gotta love their bureaucracy – well I’ve got no choice as I’m now living amongst them!
I’m chasing the excellent and popular, but “allegedly” inefficent, port which is Paris Arsenal, and I’ve got my trusty online translator ready so no Frenchman can get away with not understanding me now!
“Could you tell me if you have accepted us for a mooring in November”
“No, we cannot tell you yet”
“But I applied, as you suggested four weeks ago”
“And we do not take bookings for moorings”
“But I’ve been told to wait two more days for my booking to be accepted, and I’ve called every two days since I booked”
“We do not take bookings, turn up in November and we will see if we can fit you in”
“And if you cannot find room, where do I go. All the other marinas will be full as they are booking up now”
“Call us in two days, we may be able to tell you”

I do not like the direction this is taking!

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