Dune du Pyla

We visited the Dune du Pyla today, a 100m high natural sand dune on the south edge of Archachon.
There is a large car park at the base and, conveniently, steps up the side for those in high heels or carrying dogs (we saw both)

Seriously, how did that conversation go this morning?:
“Honey, were visiting a large sand dune, are you sure you have the right shoes?”
“Yes, these heels will do!”

The views from the peak are amazing and quite surreal.
You ask yourself “what is this doing here in this bay?”
It’s truly natural and formed itself about a hundred years ago, although how you can say that it is a coincidence and not a side afect of man’s tampering is a little bizarre.

Anyway whilst climbing up one side is probably only 40 metres, once you get carried away and run down the other side to the beach, the climb back up feels a little bit like “Laurence of Arabia”

I had to wait till we reached the bottom before telling the other two i had no cash for ice creams! Might have been lynched!!

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