Crashes, Fog and Snow

After our windy night in Punto Licosa, we headed onto the A3 and south.

South of Naples the A3 is free of tolls, and as a penalty they have dug up exactly half of it and all traffic shares one side of the motorway, and swaps side at any time.
No one seems to be working on it anymore either.

we were stopped in a tunnel for two hours waiting for a crash to be cleared.

After this we carried on south and up and onto the left carriageway, then the right etc.
and up
and up
Then it started raining
then sleeting
then snowing
my god this was stressful.
I was trying to keep 60 – 80 kmph and juggernauts were coming at me on the other side of the road through the snow.
Do we pull off the motorway for safety and risk getting snowed in or carry on hoping we wold descend to relative normality?
After another hour we dropped, the temperature rose and the snow changed back to rain.
We stopped some point that evening by the coast in the parking lot of some housing development.

Tonights challenge:
After driving the car down from the UK to Italy and towing it here, the accumulated dirt and salt has seized up all three locks.
None of them accept the lock so we have a permenently unlocked car now!
A job for tomorrow, or some point in the future, whichever comes last

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