Christmas Cheer

It seem not that long ago that I sat here on a late shift and typed my blog before leaving for Holland, but in fact it must have been almost five weeks. 9 days now till Christmas and probably the next post i write will be after that day!
Bought the tree yesterday and dragged it back to London to be decorated. And decorated it was! We adorned the tree with plenty of silver bits from Tesco and some flashing lights too. Along with the red cheery lights on the balcony, it looks the part – but i does prevent access to my “office”. I have to move the tree to get to the corner which contains the computer, phone and shelves for filing junk in, collectively called my office and quite efficiently hidden from view now, though you can still hear the whining of the server!!
Overall it was a nice relaxing weekeng in the country again and managed a 12 hour kip yesterday – which I’m quite proud of. Had a whisky tasting session with Dad around the fire in a local pub which was quite revealing. Had a good conversation about him retiring, such that he’s almost coming round to the idea now!
Strange sights today: Very tall girl in black trousers, black furry jacket and big black furry russian style hat. She was also bald, had those goth high fat heel boots and had many piercings. Can’t wait to download the picture from the camera!

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