Bridge Berth

We managed to make Paris by late evening but to our dismay, Port Arsenal was full up!

Now, we had no lights, it was almost dark, the nearest marina or mooring was four kilometres upstream and we were temporarlity parked by the water police station! – we were crapping it by this time.

The “of course we’ve got space for you” harbour master suggested we moor up under the span of the nearest bridge.

We had no choice. There is no way to moor small vessles in the river as the wash fom the speeding bateau mouches will destroy them in their moorings as they hit the bank.

Moored under a bridge the other side of the traffic flow was actually quite calm, if a little weird to say the least!

We then had to climb the five metre ladder to the surface to go for dinner.

Poor Jeannie, she had “so where is the nearest tree then?” written all over her face! She lasted another 16 hours from this point!

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