Beach bum

It was raining as we left Battipaglia. The owners Mario and Francesco were great to us and it was an experience for all four of us, but we’d had itchy feet since we arrived back in Naples on Monday last week.
Our good tanks were full and our bad ones empty, my dad had arrived and we’d had our farewell dinner with Mario and his partner Alba,and now we were off.

First short drive was to the gas station, not in the American sense but in the LPG or GPL sense.
First break down was at the gas station.
On checking the lights on the car we towed, it had no brake lights.

I moved the bus 10 metres out of the station into a lay by and i attempted to solve today’s challenge

Turned out the guy who wired up the in car stereo (think of a car stereo on fire and you’ll get the picture), attempted the rewiring of the US brake lights to UK standards.
Hence the brake lead left the wiring loom, via a ceramic fuse holder, via two more short lengths of cable twisted together, out of an over sized hole in the firewall, to a mains lead which led it back to the rear light cluster. The brake lead changed colour four times!!
Simply removing the fuse and replacing it fixed the problem, although i did not realise this till i had traced the cable all the way to the lights and removed all cable from the conduits to fathom out the puzzle.
We left after lunch and proceeded to Punto Licosa.
We visited last November 1st last year and went swimming it was still so warm.
This time round it was raining – no attempt was made on the beach.
We parked under the no camping sign and had a lovely evening listening to the crashing waves.

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