Back on the water

We made our first delivery on tuesday from Laroche-Migennes to Sens. So it was not Amy M, but at least we got to do some sailing! Coincidentally the same route that we brought Amy M over almost one year ago. Luckily we had no mishaps as the owner was in the leading boat!

As for Amy M, we have a friend working furiuosly in the last of the sun to get the deck re-glassed. We need to get in October-ish and do some cruising in the late autumn before we hit our winter stay in Paris.

We spent the last two days travelling round paris taking in some more “off-the-beaten-track” sights and checking out our marinas and are really looking forward to christmas there.

It’s going to be fantastic as we’ve got loads planned and will be helped along by the new diesel stove we have yet to order!! We want no re-occurence of last year, later known as the big chill, were we lived with electric and paraffin heating and nearly poisoned and bankrupted ourselves.

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