Monthly tales for November 2004

Home Sweet Home

Finally late in the afternoon we reached Cergy port MarinaAfter what seemed like hours to cruise the 5 kilometres up the L’oise river, we held off the moorings till we were pointed in the direction of our berth, tucked out … Continue reading

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Almost there now

The final 60 odd kilometres from Paris to Cergy just would not finish!That stretch of the Seine is pretty boring and with having to slow down due to an increasingly worrying knocking from the propellor i thought we would be … Continue reading

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Police, Camera, Action

We had to leave our sleepy little berth under the bridge at 7am to enable us to get through the paris timed water route. To simplify this, you can only go downstream for about 20 minutes of an hour and … Continue reading

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Bridge Berth

We managed to make Paris by late evening but to our dismay, Port Arsenal was full up! Now, we had no lights, it was almost dark, the nearest marina or mooring was four kilometres upstream and we were temporarlity parked … Continue reading

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Sorted and on our way

After two days in Soissy sur Sonne, the lock was fixed. Traffix started flowing at about 7am and we did not get through till about the fifth locking. That’s after five locks full of 9 barges each in each direction. … Continue reading

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The Heavies arrive

“Heavy lifting gear” arrived today – an almighty crane and three flatbed trailers with goodies on board. Let’s see if this can fix it as it’s obviously pretty screwed. Off to get more wood and walk more. We’ve chopped wood, … Continue reading

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Stuck in Soisy-sur-Seine

We left Fontainebleau and carried onto Paris at the best speed we could, but when we arrived at this lock at Soisy-sur-Seine, there were two red lights showing, which means “protracted stop”, not good! There were three barges in the … Continue reading

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Moret-sur-Loing to Fontainebleau

As predicted, Monday was spent mostly relaxing. We went for a walk though to find a vetinarian for Whiskas as she had a “fuzzy” eye. Whilst out we had to go and scout out some wood as the selection we … Continue reading

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Today in Moret-sur-Loing

We slept really well at last. I woke up at 6 after 10 hours sleep and lit the fire. I went back to be till around 7:30 and got up to find the fire roaring away, mmm lovely, and walked … Continue reading

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