Monthly tales for September 2003

On our way

At last, the house is sold, we have moved out and we are now writing from our room in Paris where we are having two days holidayWe travel to Migenne to view Amy M on Monday and start our restoaration … Continue reading

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At last, we have exchanged.Anyway, much to do now!

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You what?!?

Dickhead (aka my buyer) wants another £5K reduction due to not having a parking space.He knew from the outset that there was no spaces offered – he is really trying our patience and gains another day

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Today’s the day

Hopefully, within the next hour, we should be exchanging.Seems he was a bit upset on Friday that he did not have a parking space. How he forgot to check that in the last three months and three surveys! poor him

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Well he is now stalling till Friday

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The papers are in

The documents are with the solicitor but it seems the buyer has paid his deposit by cheque, allowing him three days grace whilst it clears. So it should be exchanging tomorrow

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No suprises there then

No prizes for guessing that the paperwork has not arrived at the solicitor yet. Looks like we won’t be exchanging todayIf i could only speak to someone at Birmingham Midshires…..

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The Big Day

Today is “D” day i suppose It’s been three months in the planning and today is the make or break day. I’m using the word “planning” losely, because that implies it was organised. By the standards of the mortgage company … Continue reading

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A new addition to the family

I’ve updated the site to include details about Amy. In the vain hope that it may somehow be a good omen and push the sale of the property through maybe?

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Wednesday came and went

In his infinite wisdom, my buyer decided that he would go on holiday till Monday!So now we wait, and we wait some more.

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