Monthly tales for August 2003

Almost there

Apparently, we may be exchanging on Wednesday next week. That’s September – and when did this horrible episode start??

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It seems that the surveyor is actually sticking to his initial flawed quote which may cause the whole house of cards to fall today. I feel deceived and cheated now. So many different stories are coming from their side I … Continue reading

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It seems the mortgage company made a typing error causing the surveyor to value our property £27,000 low!This has now been corrected, but we are about four days behind now.

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Panic Stations

At the last hurdle, the surveyor informs the mortgage company that the property is worth £27,000 less than we are selling for it!This has scuppered our plans and we have had to run around like mad things to disprove his … Continue reading

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Two days to go

We should be exchanging contracts on our properties in two days – fingers crosed.Then on the 15th we’ll be out to France to pick up “Amy M”So in less then two weeks time, should be aboard our very own “bateau”, … Continue reading

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