Monthly tales for December 2002

Christmas, what Christmas?

Christ, that went quickly! I’ve not even had a chance to to call my parents for a decent chat yet. Now I’m decorating another flat

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Food, Glorious food

One Christmas meal down….one to go!!

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Merry Chrismas

Wishing you all a very merry Christmas. Personally I’m working again, but I’ll be home soon for the pressies and copious amounts of food and sherry

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All I want for Christmas

Is one of the new Smartphone. Looks lovely and would replace my personal organiser, MP3 player and ageing phone in one swoop. Maybe that will have to wait till after Christmas!! Merry Christmas all. See you next year

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Christmas Cheer

It seem not that long ago that I sat here on a late shift and typed my blog before leaving for Holland, but in fact it must have been almost five weeks. 9 days now till Christmas and probably the … Continue reading

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How Cold!!!

We went on mass to Twickenham to watch the Varsity Match yesterday (Oxford v Cambridge). It must have been the coldest day of the year so far. We weren’t really able to get through too much beer as it was … Continue reading

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Weekend Shenanigans

We were treated to an excellent curry in Methi’s on Friday by Matthew. The six of us followed this up with a visit to a bar called “Tease”, no explantion needed I’m sure. But to excuse myself, the idea was … Continue reading

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